My stories are all set in the classic 'futuristic' 70's and 80's science fiction setting of the broadcast show.  I ignore the movie
 and its novelization except for making Lee and Chip roomies at the Academy - graduating 1st and 2nd respectively - and
a few names of supporting characters such as Will "Jamie" Jamieson for Seaview's Doctor played by Richard Bull.
Stories originally posted to the SubPen writers group are marked with a .
Stories originally submitted to Uncharted Waters are marked with a .
Timeline Date is when the story is set in my version of the Voyage universe, actual date that a
story was written/first posted is in far right column. All stories are Gen/PG unless otherwise listed.
Two very special plot squid stories by Sharon H. and Diane K. can be found HERE!

1966 Family Matters short Pre-Seaview, UW Heroes contest, my first Voyage story Lt. Crane and Morton at Groton.  Rear Admiral Nelson gets an unexpected insight into the family of his future XO.   07/04/06
Early 12/73 (season 1) Carry On short humor, UW "seemed like a good idea" challenge Chip's infamous past comes back to haunt him, courtesy of Lee. 11/08/06
Late 12/73 Those Who Wait short duty and sacrifice, UW Home for the Holidays challenge Lee learns the meaning of true strength during a visit with the Mortons. 12/24/06
1974 Tribute vignette angst, reflection
Struggling to cope with a terrible loss 03/22/07
(season 2)
Chicago Blues short humor, angst, music, UW "live and learn" challenge Stu Riley gets a music lesson from a very unexpected person. 09/07/06
6/77  Field of Memories short friendship, angst, baseball, fathers and sons Sorrow shared is sorrow halved. 01/28/09
4/78     Lunch Break vignette humor, female POV, PG13
One of the *many* perks of working at N.I.M.R. 11/23/07
8/78   Flying Under the Influence   novella humor, drama, hurt/comfort, angst Mr. Morton's wild ride.  P.O.V. is mostly Lee, Nelson or Jamie.   Yet another reason why NOT to take a 'milk run' mission from Starke.  07/03/08
10/78 Kolohe medium humor, action, hurt/comfort, touch of romance, bit of angst and a kitty! Inspired by a "we never see Chip scruffy" remark on the Seaview yahoo group.  Involves a car, a kitty, a cold river and a date night that does NOT go anything like planned. 10/02/09
2/79 Anticipation short humor, friendship, romance, UW "Mail Call" contest What is behind Chip's sudden case of the nerves?  Lee is determined to find out!  02/18/08
2/79     Dress Blues vignette humor, sentimental Technically this companion piece comes before 'Anticipation' but it is best read after.  This is all Rita's fault. <g>  02/29/08
2/79     The Mission vignette espionage, humor A certain hazel-eyed spook's reaction to 'Anticipation'.  Still Rita's fault.  04/02/08
(season 3)
Paradise vignette pure hormonal indulgence, PG13 Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. 09/12/07
1980ish Parting Rituals
vignette introspection The Lord watch between me and thee while we are absent one from another.  Written to be any Seaview couple from the lady's POV.