~* Flying Sub Screencaps *~
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L. to R. - Berthing; FS view screen as Nelson makes a carrier landing; good shot of pilot chairs;  panel and hatch behind Nelson

L. to R. - another view of empty seats and upper hatch ladder;  Sharkey and Ski opening the bottom hatch with view of part of rack
 and side panel; view forward; another view forward showing a bit more of side panels

L. to R. - Sharkey with open panel that always sparks nicely; good view of rack and storage area;
nice view of back panel and hatch; yet another view of the docking bay

~* Plot Squid in 3D *~

* Molded in FIMO clay one family craft night.  Yes, we're weird! <g> *

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~* Script Coding by Marty Q. *~
Voyage To The Bottom of The Sea: The GAME!

Seaview1_1 zip file contains the exe file for a shoot 'em up Voyage game!
Screencaps to come...