Title: Paradise
Author: Kim Q
Rating: PG13
Length: vignette

Notes: Pure hormonal indulgence. First time writing first person p.o.v.
Inspired in part by my beloved blue-eyed husband of twenty one years. :)

The sweet and spicy scent of white ginger blossoms gently wafted through the humid Hawaiian air as the musical cascade of a nearby waterfall sang its soothing song. The balmy sun peered through lush tropical foliage, gently caressing my sleeping lover's fair skin, decorating it with dappled patterns of shade and light. One stray beam highlighted his silken blond hair, turning it into a soft shimmering gold that begged to be touched. Resisting temptation, I rolled over onto my stomach and safely trapped my wandering hands under my chin. Not for the world would I disturb his well earned slumber.

Though two weeks in paradise had brought a light golden tan to his once pale skin and removed the dark circles from under his summer blue eyes, there were still far too many half-healed scars and bruises adorning his lean form. The last cruise had been brutal to my love, both physically and emotionally. A commendation for valor was hollow consolation when one had lost shipmates and friends. But time and the magic of this island paradise had begun to work its spell, easing his distress, softening the sharp edges of his grief.

No, I would not disturb his rest. I would simply indulge in a visual feasting on the delectable vision snoring softly beside me. For tomorrow he would return to his boat and I wished to commit every luscious line of him to memory to bring warmth to the cold lonely nights that lay ahead.

Pushing aside my melancholy thoughts, I allowed my gaze to follow the paths of the dancing sunbeams flitting over his fit form, stopping to admire the well-defined chest with its light dusting of fair hair then meandering along muscular arms down to graceful hands with long elegant fingers that could be amazingly gentle despite their strength. They bore witness to his passionate yet considerate touch, making me feel protected, cared for and infinitely precious.

As if aware of my scrutiny, he shifted uneasily in his sleep, moving from his side to his stomach. His movement took with him most of the brightly flowered beach towel we shared; however, I was not at all disappointed for I now had a clear and unobstructed view of broad shoulders and tanned torso tapering down to slim hips. His cobalt blue swim trunks clung nicely to the delicious curve of his derrière, accentuating his powerful thighs and toned legs. Despite spending so much of his life hidden under sparkling turquoise seas in a small contained space, he had retained the lithe, toned body of an athlete.

Earlier, as we walked along glistening white sands, the foam from the breaking waves frothing around our bare feet, the controlled intensity and power in my love's graceful stride had caught many a lady's appreciative eye. Oblivious to the many admirers, his attention had never wavered from me...as though I was the most important person in the world instead of simply the most fortunate.

A fragile Kamehameha butterfly, its orange and black wings flickering brightly in the sunlight streaming through the verdant growth, brought my wandering mind back to our tranquil rainforest hideaway. The random path of the little pulelehua caused it to rest briefly on the smooth curve of my love's strong jaw. The delicate touch provoked an endearing wrinkling of an aristocratic nose and an annoyed pursing of those full, kissable lips. I knew my time for indulgence would be cut short as pale eyelashes began to flutter, heralding his return to wakefulness.

As his sparkling clear blue eyes opened, the overwhelming love and passion that shone forth from his incandescent gaze and echoed in his luminous smile filled my heart with a soul-shattering bliss. Returning his smile with a heartfelt one of my own, I eagerly fell into his welcoming embrace.

Some have asked why I choose to stay with one who is away so much and who I must share with a steel-clad lady. My answer can be read in those intense azure eyes. I am one of the very few who has been allowed past the stern façade demanded by duty into the inner heart of a man who is as beautiful in mind and soul as he is in face and form. It is a rare and precious gift.

It is more than enough.


© 2007 Kim Q. All Rights Reserved